Welcome to Falafel Sitefinity Hub Demo Site

  • The Hub home page - flagging comments

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    Yes, you can flag comments.  The Hub allows you to drill into the comments and see the last 25 comments entered.  This keeps the application responsive.  In future releases we will support paging deeper into the comment history and filtering comments by status for even greater control.  Start by clicking on one of the comment tiles.

    Then on the comments page begin clicking comments you want to flag to a new status.  Once you have selected all the items you want to modify, choose the new status from the toolbar at the bottom of the page. It could not be any simpler, AND FASTER!!

  • The Hub home page - Click the user tile

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    The hub's main page present data from 4 categories: users, pages, workflows, and comments.  Clicking on a tile from any category will drill down into that category and show the item contents for the category.  

    By clicking in the users tile you will be shown all the users on the system, and once on the users page clicking a user will open the bottom App Bar, where you can select Edit to jump to the Sitefinity CMS site to edit users (this works best if you have an active browser session in IE10).

  • The Hub home page - data rows overview

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    On the homepage you get data presented in rows, where each color is associated with a type of data.  Blue is for user data, green is for page data, orange is for workflow data, and purple is for comments data.

    The users row shows a mosiac tile with user avatar images on the first tile.  The second tile is a user activity trend and it tracks how many users have been recently logged into the system.  This sample image shows a site that has not been getting very much activity.  The last tile shows how many users are logged in and how many users and locked out.  It rotates to show both data elements on a single tile.

    The pages row aggregates data by page status or state, showing you quickly which pages have been recently edited, which pages are locked, and how many pages are in a pending state.

    The third row shows how many workflows are active and inactive in the two tile states.  just wait a moment to see the tile chance between both data elements.  The last two tiles show the pending and total comment counts.  

  • The Hub home page - setup

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    When you launch the Falafel Sitefinity Hub for the first time you will be asked to log in.  The application knows without credentials there is not much to see.  

    Click login and the Account Settings will appear.  Enter your site's URL and your admin credentials for the Sitefinity site you want to use.  The URL should be http://www.yourdomain.com and does not need a trailing slash or the /sitefinity path in order to work.  Click Login.

    Wait for your site to load the data and you're ready to go!

  • Charting in Windows 8 Store apps is easy!

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    Using the Telerik controls makes it easy to show charts and data in your Windows 8 Store apps.  The Sitefinity Hub uses the new cartesian chart and pie chart controls from the Telerik Windows 8 collection to provide a beautiful aggregated data view on the main page like the one shown here.

    Telerik RadCharts for Windows 8
  • Hub built using Telerik Metro Controls

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    The Falafel Sitefinity Hub makes use of the most recent control set available for Windows 8 applications.  Build in XAML, the Hub demonstrates the capabilities of various tile type such as the Mosaic Tile, Slide Tile, and Custom Tile on the main page to display plenty of information in a compact visual footprint.  These tile controls make it easy to maximise your use of screen real estate.

    Working with these control is a breeze and empowers developers to quickly get to the content of their application while Telerik handles the nitty gritty of animation and states.  As we release new versions of the Hub we will continue to explore the tile control offerings, extending the use of charting controls which already provide unique visualization of your Sitefinity site, and adding other controls.

    According to the Telerik site:
    "RadControls for Metro is the number one toolset for building native Windows 8 touch-centric apps for the enterprise and consumer market with either XAML or HTML. The suite offers the industry’s best support and rich capabilities on top of WinRT, engineered specifically for enterprise Windows 8 development. It makes you more productive, helping you save money and speeds up your app time to market.
    You can start building Windows store-ready apps at no cost with this version of the product. Get your Windows 8 app to the store first. Being first matters!"
  • Introduction to the Hub

    by Paul Tidwell | Oct 12, 2012
    Following in line with Falafel's Sitefinity Dashboard for 5.x and Siteboard products, the Falafel Sitefinity Hub brings Sitefinity management to Windows 8.  With a unique heads up tile display users get a wonderful at-a-glance view of several site statistics upon logging into a Sitefinity instance.  Click and drill down into users, pages, workflows, and comments with the ability to quickly flag comments as spam, hide, or publish items from your comment feed.  The Hub makes it simple to review site statistics and break down pages statuses visually.  The data available on the Hub is dictated by the permissions of the user logged in, naturally, so the application works best for admins but there is no restriction to who can login and view data.  The Sitefinity permission model dictates what is available to any given user.

    Download, install, and begin using the Falafel Sitefinity Hub for your sites now for Free and soon we'll extend to offer to server side modules to provide detailed information on the server hosting the site and a new feature set for the existing sites.  This visually stunning application will compliment any Sitefinity installation.